I-DRAGON-I - LIMITED EDITION (2006, Indie) 7 Track EP Ex-Wedding Party


7 track digipak EP CD


1 Introduction

2 Dragonfly - Part I

3 Angeldust


5 When I Fall

6 Saviour

7 Death Of A Century




It is an industrial metal goth project similar in style to Savior Machine. I understand that this album here, I-Dragon-I, is pretty much a follow up to the Wedding Party album. I don't remember who all was in the Wedding Party band but I-Dragon-I is comprised by William Ashton Knight (the same vocalist from Wedding Party), Jamie McCavanagh (lead guitar, programming, other instruments), Sean Savacool (bass), and Libby Luckey (backing vocals). So for those better informed than me make of this what you will.


I find this effort near flawless! This indeed is a "follow up" to Wedding Party's "Anthems", had they stayed the course, this is likely the direction they would've been in by the time this ep came out, Only thing missing are the angelic vocals of Sherri Luckey, who is now in the band "Dark Valentine." The "muddy/over-layered production" is what the band was shooting for, as they were going in a bit of a more industrial sound than WP, though you will find that sound in songs like "Even You" and "Raven's Warning" from the "Anthems" lp. What you will find strikingly similar to WP is the spirit of the music, "the anointing", if you will. Like WP, these songs are forged out of the fires of tribulation, they bleed w/pathos from the soul of one who has been through "the dark night of the soul" and experienced the healing and grace of God. Anyone who has experienced such trauma and anguish of the soul will relate to this, both this and WP have spoke to me like few other bands have...

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