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Brand new project fronted by Dale Thompson of Bride. Iron 501 is the brain child of Myles Barfield and the band has been recording with Dale on vocals for about 2 years now, but this is the first full length release from the project. This first full length release is entitled 'Sgt Reckless' and features 12 all new original tracks fronted by Dale Thompson with musical direction coming from Myles Barfield. 

Iron 501 describe their music as hard rock with a groove and their songs reflect on two things their faith in Jesus Christ and appreciation for those who serve.  

Check out the track 'Beast Slayer'


Track Listing: 

1. Civil War

2. Great Luminary

3. Most unfogettable Day

4. Beyond The Grave

5. Shot Heard Around The World

6. Lost

7. Sgt Reckless

8. 56th Mobile Medical

9. Henry Kissinger

10. Enemy I Do Not Know

11. Code Breaker

12. Honor The Fallen

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