Jamie Rowe - This is Home (CD) 2019, Guardian Vocalist

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  • Lead Vocalist of Christian Rock band GUARDIAN
  • 2019 CD release

Jamie Rowe is the voice of Guardian, a true legend in the Christian Rock scene. Jamie's new solo album, This Is Home, dropped on the scene last year (2019) without much fanfair, however it deserves your attention. Why? Because it is spectacular!!!

Jamie did everything right. He did not neglect those tried and true melodies and riffs that Guardian fans long for, but the rock music here definitely has a swampy, bluesy, hint of a back roads country feel to it. It very Nashville, yet unapologetic.   Jamie's voice wrapped around jagged rock riffs and melodies with guitar, fiddle, banjo, and a world class producer (Guardian/LeeAnn Rimes), this is a class act, quality product from beginning to end. This Is Home showcases a whirlwind of musical maturity and growth for one of our favorite vocalists ever.  Get ready to enjoy one of the top releases of 2019!  Yes, it's that good.

Now Go Watch This Video... It'll Convince You... Promise.


  1. Let’s Get This Party Started
  2. Better off than Yesterday
  3. Born Again
  4. This is Home
  5. Life is Better
  6. Kissin on You
  7. Jesus is the Way
  8. This Side of Eternity

Produced by: Jamey Perrenot, Jamie Rowe
Engineered by: Jamey Perrenot
Mixed by: Billy Decker
Mastered by: Billy Decker


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Such a great album. Jamie has a fantastic voice no matter what type of music he plays. I love how authentic this album is and I can’t stop playing it end over end.

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