Jeremy Camp-Restored (CD)

  • New Factory Sealed
  • Hype Sticker
  • 2005 BEC Recordings

In the span of his debut release and a praise project, Jeremy Camp managed to set the Christian music world ablaze. Camp's pure openness and ability to wear his emotions on his sleeve took listeners to many places. On his third opus, Restored, Camp pours out another page of passion, pain, and purpose lyrically, while musically delivering another dose of splendor. Songs like "Restored" and "Take You Back" are lifted straight from Camp's heart and soul while leaning heavily on the acoustic guitar. Adding orchestration, the cut "Even When" leans nicely on the theme of God's grace, which Camp revisits often. What you can't help but notice throughout the disc is the potency of each cut. On every cut of every disc there is never the feeling of filler material. Camp manages to deliver song after song of honest, musically rich material. It's a feat that's only accomplished by artists like Third Day and MercyMe. Restored is authentication of the amazing talents of this young man. Camp is an artist who has lots to give and lots to say. The beauty is he's only just begun the journey.

1 Restored
2 Take You Back
3 Even When
4 Lay Down My Pride
5 My Desire
6 Be The One
7 Everytime
8 Letting Go
9 Breathe
10 This Man
11 Innocence
12 Nothing Else I Need

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