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  • THE VOICE OF PETRA (America's Biggest Selling Christian Rock Band)
  • Aggressive and Bold Rocker! 
  • Released 2019
  • UPC 798576004798
  • 8 Page fold out with lyrics
  • Jewel Case


John Schlitt has pulled off what seemed to be the impossible... recreate that amazing Petra sound without sounding dated and yet not giving into all the trends of todays music with overproduced production.  Yep.. this is what you've wanted, asked for, and wanted.  Petra's frontman no longer needs to hide in the shadows of his former band Petra. Why, because this album is aggressive and quite a surprise.  It's everything you wanted from Petra but never got.  It's flashy, it's fun and it's quite heavy both lyrically and musically.  This is THE record that so many have been waiting for.  Sure we loved Petra and those were fun years, but if you're going to make an album on the cusp of 2020, this is the way it's done.  From the graphics to the music, it just clicks on all cylinders.


1 Go (4:06)
2 Feel It (3:38)
3 Takin' It Higher (3:49)
4 Fighting The Fight (4:31)
5 Just Let Go (3:23)
6 Time Keeps Rollin' (4:35)
7 Where Would I Be (4:00)
8 Find A Way (5:05)
9 Fake News (4:08)
10 Let's Go (3:46)
11 Not Dead Yet (3:56)

Customer Reviews

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Aldo Italia
Great Record, Great Experience

Another great album by a rock legend. John Schlitt you did it again! The cd and vinyl are amazing! Thank you. Also, thank you Girder for offering this awesome album. Now all we need is a new Petra record.
Rock on!


Fantastic! Excellent effort by one of the masters.

Shane Brown
John Schlitt's best solo album

Before I bought this, I thought it would be a decent album, and I like support John's work.
This album is awesome and I believe it is his best solo work, and competes with some of the Petra albums. Nice work!

Customer Reviews

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