John Schlitt - The Grafting (CD) PETRA

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Follow John and band on the Swedish leg of the tour, with live music performances of Schlitt & Petra songs, behind the scenes footage, practices, intimate moments with John as he walks through his life story from his childhood, historical photos/videos of Head East and Petra --- and much more! (in the vein of "Backstage Pass" by Petra)

  • New/Sealed CD
  • Produced and directed by Rickard Karlsson-Widgren in Orebro, Aneby and Halmstad, Sweden 

1. Stand 04:08
2. Keep Your Light On 03:24
3. Only Men 04:26
4. Face of God 04:25
5. The Grafting 03:49
6. First Song 04:05
7. Your Eyes 04:35
8. Lord Have Mercy 04:05
9. Gravity 04:15
10. Carry On 05:02

Intimacy. Not a theme usually associated with rock ‘n’ roll—not even with Christian rock ‘n’ roll. But it is, nonetheless, the overriding theme of The Grafting, the latest solo release from legendary rock vocalist John Schlitt.

"The Grafting feels like an intimate project because that is exactly what it is,” John declares. “It is the album I’ve wanted to make for a long time. It is about intimacy with God and with family. It is about bravery and courage. It is, at times, bold and rebellious, and while the musical style may sound a little different than people might expect, it is still all about victory through Jesus."
released June 8, 2008

All songs produced by Dan Needham
Tracking engineered by Danny Duncan & Dan Needham at Brownstone Recording.
Mixed by Dan Needham at Brownstone Recording.
Mastered By Dan Shike at Tone and Volume Mastering.

Written By Mark Heimermann, Dan Needham, John Schlitt, Kevan Cajka
Guitars: Gary Burnette
Bass: Mark Hill
Drums, Programming: Dan Needham

“Keep Your Light On”
Written By Dan Needham
BGVs: Kari Needham
Drums, Guitars, Programming, Additional BGVs: Dan Needham
Bass: Joey Canaday

“Only Men”
Written By Dan Needham
Drums, Acoustics, Bridge BGVs, Keys, Prog: Dan Needham
Guitars: Jerry McPherson
Bass: Joey Canaday

“Face Of God”
Written by Kevan Cajka, Dan Needham & Scott Faircloff
Bass: Mark Hill
Guitar: Gary Burnette
Drums, keys: Dan Needham

“The Grafting”
Written By Dan Needham
Bass: Matt Peirson
Drums, Perc, Acoustics, Hi-Strung: Dan Needham
Electric Guitar: Dave Cleveland
String Arrangement and Programming: Blair Masters

“First Song”
Written By Kevan Cajka, Dan Needham
Drums, Bass, Acoustics: Dan Needham
Guitars: Jerry McPherson

“Your Eyes”
Written By Mark Heimermann, Mark Martel, Dan Needham, Kevan Cyka
Guitars: Gary Burnette
Bass: Mark Hill
Drums, Piano, Programming: Dan Needham

“Lord Have Mercy”
Written by Steve Merkel
BGVs & Intro Vocals: Kari Needham
Electric Guitars: Jerry McPherson
Bass: Joey Canaday
Drums, Keys, Programming, Acoustics: Dan Needham

Written by Dan Needham
All Instruments & Programming: Dan Needham

“Carry On”
Written by Dan Needham
Bass: Mark Hill
Guitars: Gary Burnette
Drums, Piano, Programming: Dan Needham


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