Journey - Look Into The Future (Vinyl) 1976 CBS


Journey's second album, released in January of 1976. By this time, Journey had downsized to a quartet and had streamlined their music to straight hard rock, resulting in shorter songs and more lyrical content, although the band still placed emphasis on instrumental passages: on subsequent albums, the band would pay more attention to their songwriting and lyrics. On A Saturday Nite and She Makes Me (Feel Alright) were released as singles, but not chart: similarly, the album was not successful, although it did chart slightly higher than the band's debut.


  1. On A Saturday Nite 3:58
  2. It's All Too Much 4:03
  3. Anyway 4:10
  4. She Makes Me (Feel Alright) 3:11
  5. You're On Your Own 5:53
  6. Look Into The Future 8:10
  7. Midnight Dreamer 5:15
  8. I'm Gonna Leave You 6:58

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