Kansas - Leftoverture (CD) 2 Previously Unreleased Live Tracks - Carry On Wayward Son

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  • 2 Live Bonus Track
  • Carry On My Wayward Son
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  • Prog-Rock
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  • 2001 Sony

Kansas dug deep for the air fourth album and arguably their gretest Triumph, Leftoverture an album that perhaps more logically could've become simply leftovers. After all, Kansas had already produced three albums in rapid fire style and was still awaiting their big break through all the while touring tires sleep. There was no time for the members of Kansas to lay there weary heads to rest. Instead of a patchy effort, the band produce their masterpiece. To this day we're still impressed with how good the album sounds, says drummer Bill Ehart. We were very lucky, said Kerry Livgren as he hit his creative peak at this time. We were rehearsing at some vacant store in a strip mall in Topeka putting songs together going this is really good. Every day we go what do you have, Livegren? It was so exciting. Then just as we were packing up things as we were done, Kerry had one more song to show us. That was Carry On Wayward Son. We didn't even rehearse it, we just took it with us to the studio and the magic jsut happened.


  1. Carry on Wayward Son
  2. The Wall
  3. What's on My Mind
  4. Miracles Out of Nowhere
  5. Opus Insert
  6. Questions of My Childhood
  7. Cheyenne Anthem
  8. Magnum Opus: Father Padilla Meets the Perfect Gnat / Howling at the Moon / Man Overboard / Industry on Parade / Release the Beavers / Gnat Attack
  9. **Carry on Wayward Son LIVE
  10. **Cheyenne Anthem LIVE

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