Kansas - Monolith (CD) Original Pressing

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  • New, Factory Sealed CD
  • Jewel Case
  • Prog-Rock
  • UPC:  886972421728
  • 1979 CBS

Original pressing. Awesome release from this iconic group. Despite being one of the last albums with the "original" line-up, the band maintains its momentum from the previous monster releases. A must have for any KANSAS fan or '70s Rock aficionado. The album blasts out of the gate with the whimsical epic "On The Other Side" and then right into "People of the South Wind." The rest of the tracks are equal in emotion and prowess. This era of KANSAS is the most exceptional, capped off by "Monolith." Outstanding record


  1. On the Other Side
  2. People of the South Wind
  3. Angels Have Fallen
  4. How My Soul Cries Out for You
  5. Glimpse of Home
  6. Away from You
  7. Stay Out of Trouble
  8. Reason to Be

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