Kit and Jimmy Lloyd - IN THE TWINKLING OF AN EYE (Vinyl) PSYCH ROCK 1978

  • 1978 NewBorn Records
  • Psychedelic Hard Rock/Acid Rock
  • Private Pressing

Psychedelic Hard Rock/Acid Rock from 1978.

A couple of brothers with a light-to-heavy rock sound and the mighty Evan Williams at the production helm. A private pressing on a Southern California label called Morning Star Christian Recordings, later distributed by Canada New Born (NB 7005). Several musicians here with guest appearances by Malcolm Wild, Karen Lafferty, Phoenix Sonshine, and Kevin and Rick Thompson of Sweet Comfort Band.

A couple classy rockers in Glory Train and The Race with biting lead guitar. Else where some acoustic ballads, country rock and a few mellow tracks. Williams slips in some speedy synth fills on a couple songs. String orchestration in places.

The original cover has a photo of the guys standing beneath a tree. New Born replaced it a bizarre illustration that makes them look like werewolves.
The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott


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