Land of Color (CD) Gary Rea & Thomas Ewing


Land of Color fuses the talents of singer/songwriters Gary Rea and Thomas Ewing, and showcases the duo's expressive style on six original songs. Includes "Many Lands," "Morning Song," "Blessed Are The Poor," and others.

2018 EP release. Land of Color started when two singer/songwriters Gary Rea and Thomas Ewing met in the mountains of Montana in 2015. Before the band started, they were both worship leaders and solo artist in their own right but they feel like the Lord brought them together to create something that is unique and greater than the sum of the parts. Gary was born and raised in South Africa and Thomas is from Colorado and their different cultural and musical backgrounds have resulted in a unique sound that is a blend of African rhythms, singable melodies and tight harmonies. The guys talk about how the band was birthed out of community and that it was at family gatherings in the early days of their friendship that they would grab their guitars and start writing songs. "The songs came quickly and easily" says Thomas "and they were simply an overflow of what the Lord was doing in our lives individually and as a community."

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