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Solid Rock Authorized CD-R (It looks normal) + 16 page full color booklet / insert


After the themes and tone of "Another Land" were so accessible to album buyers, Larry boldly followed his own musical direction. The story of Pilgrim runs through the songs, and a few are superb. "Watch What You're Doing" and "Born to be Unlucky" both explore some serious issues of the heart while they carry a lightly humorous tone on the surface. "Put Your Life In Jesus' Nail-Scarred Hands" is the only disappointment for me; while it has more substance than the similar "Put Your Hand," popular on radio in the early 70's, it seems too derivative of that song to earn its place on this album. The closer, "Let the Tape Keep Rollin'," is a rollicking good storytelling song, and it has some sparkling word play. The deliberate parallels to Dylan's "Bringing it all Back Home" album are fun, as are the puzzles such as "quasi-oxymoron: numbers don't mean anything." Clearly, they do mean something on this album, as the original annotated lyric booklet available by mail years ago suggests. All in all, it's a delightful album.


1 Hard Luck Bad News

2 Feeling So Bad

3 I Feel Like Dying

4 Born To Be Unlucky

5 Watch What You're Doing

6 Leaving The Past Behind

7 Put Your Life In His Hands

8 Nightmare #97

9 Let That Tape Keep Rolling

Bonus Tracks

10 Twelve Good Men

11 It's Only Today That Counts

12 Watch What You're Doing 8:36 (previously unreleased version)

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