Love Song - Feel the Love (Double Vinyl) 1977

Sold out
  • 1977 Good News Records
  • Double Vinyl
  • Pre-owned Vinyl (G) sleeve (Fare) not falling apart but does has shelf wear

Enjoy the excitement of a live recording with the legendary Christian pioneer rock group who was one of many who led the "Jesus Music Movement" of the early 1970's. This recording captures Love Song at their best--live! I have enjoyed this record for over 30 years and most recently purchased the double live album again, for sentimental reasons. Often copied and covered by other artists, Love Song stands alone with their unequaled song-writing abilities and harmonies, bringing the 'beauty of simplicity' into modern worship. These songs contain simple Biblical truths; a valuable gem you must have!

  1. Front Seat, Back Seat
  2. Little Country Church
  3. The Cossack Song
  4. A Love Song
  5. Two Hands
  6. Feel The Love
  7. So Thankful
  8. Since I Opened Up The Door
  9. Freedom
  10. Let Us Be One
  11. Drum Solo
  12. Jesus Puts The Song In Our Hearts
  13. Little Pilgrim
  14. Sometimes Alleluia
  15. Psalm 5


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