Magdallan-End Of The Age (CD)

Sold out
  • New Factory Sealed
  • KMGD8698
  • 1999 KMG Records
  • Hype Sticker
  • Features Seven Unreleased Songs
1 End Of The Ages
2 Caves Of Hercules
3 Big Bang
4 Soul Child
5 Dome Of The Rock
6 Love To The Rescue
7 House Of Dreams
8 Revolution Mind
9 Bourbon Way
10 Tumblin' Down (unreleased 8-track demo)
11 Long Way To Paradise (unreleased 8-track demo)
12 Give All To Love (unreleased 8-track demo)
13 Golden Town (unreleased 8-track demo)
14 Danger In Your Eyes (unreleased 8-track demo)
15 Walkin' On The Edge (unreleased 8-track demo)
16 Strange Fascination (unreleased 8-track demo)

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