Micah Tyler - Different (CD)

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  • Featuring Never Been a Moment and Different

Micah Tyler is a singer/songwriter and worship leader from Buna, TX. Playing 200+ dates annually, Tyler performs at churches, camps, concert venues and more and has shared the stage with national touring acts such as MercyMe, Building 429, Colton Dixon, Phil Wickham, Shane & Shane, Sanctus Real and more.

Singer & songwriter Micah Tyler offers his debut recording for Fair Trade, featuring ten radio-ready pop hits and poignant ballads that show off his heart as a worship leader and skill as a singer. Different includes "Never Been A Moment," "Comeback Song," "Story I Tell," and others.


  1. Different

  2. Never Been a Moment

  3. Soul Song

  4. If She Only Knew

  5. Even Then

  6. Beautiful

  7. Last

  8. Recover

  9. Directions

  10. Story I Tell

  11. Comeback Song

  12. Different

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