Mouth Of The South - Struggle Well (CD)


2014 Facedown
For fans of:Being As An Ocean, Norma Jean

For Struggle Well, the band teamed up with Matt McClellan at Glow In The Dark Studios. The result is a powerful and dynamic fill-length that is sure to appeal to the bands very passionate fan base and help them reach out to many more.

Track List: 1. Blind Guides 2. Running Scared 3. Dry Bones 4. Good Intentions 5. Simply Grace 6. Idle Hands 7. Hollow Veins 8. Endless Cycle 9. Porcelain Fatih 10. Nameless; Faceless

Artist Bio: Mouth Of The South has blazed trails with their fiery metalcore riffs and tenacious southern attitude. Though the band has evolved almost entirely from their original lineup and sound in 2007, the fervor is still there. Mouth Of The South is certainly a groove-filled metalcore up-and-comer.

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