Nancy Honeytree - Honeytree (Used Vinyl) 1973 Myrrh

  • HONEYTREE by Honeytree (1973)
  • Myrrh Records (MST-6523-LP)
  • VINYL = VG++
  • SLEEVE = VG (Typical Shelf Wear, but no splits or damage)

Back in the early days of theí«ÌÎ_Jesus Movement, the list of female solo artists was a very short one. There wasí«ÌÎ_Marj Snyder, Debby Kerner, andí«ÌÎ_Jamie Owens, all fromí«ÌÎ_Californiaí«ÌÎ_the epicenter of this wonderful spiritual awakening that was taking place among the young people of the day. But the largest impact was made by a young hippie chick from fly-over country the great Midwest, far away fromí«ÌÎ_Costa Mesaí«ÌÎ_and all of the full-immersion-ocean-water-baptisms-by-the-sea. She went by a name that her counter-culture friends had given her while she was still in high school. She was calledí«ÌÎ_Honeytree.

A1 Only God 2:43
A2 Treasures 2:56
A3 Sweet Rain 2:00
A4 Hallelujah, Outasight 1:42
A5 Job's Song 1:58
B1 Resist The Devil 3:47
B2 So Much Man 2:05
B3 Clean Before My Lord 3:00
B4 I Don't Have To Worry 2:36
B5 Honeytree 4:57

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