Noel Paul Stookey - Wait'll you hear this! (Vinyl) PAUL from: PETER PAUL & MARY

  • Folk
  • 1982 NewPax RecordsÌ_åÇÌÎÌ__

Noel Paul Stookey,now in his fifth decade as the "Paul" of Peter, Paul, and Mary, and on the road with Peter and Mary for about 40 concerts a year, Stookey's passionate beliefs have been an impetus for his own personal activism. That spirit has guided both his words and his actions. After creating "The Wedding Song," for example, Stookey assigned the publishing rights from the song to The Public Domain Foundation, guided by his daughter Elizabeth Stookey Sunde, which has donated nearly 2 million dollars to charities in countries around the world. "...Most the songs I‰ۡóÁÌ_́ÌÎ_̴Ìöve written since the late 60's, though they may be really quite wide contextually, are from the 'forgiven and Loved' perspective that one inherits as a gift of the Spirit and I'm hopeful that I can remind people; to challenge them to create a peace on earth by starting within their own hearts."

Paul performed as a member of Peter, Paul and Mary until the death of Mary in September 2009. His work after Peter, Paul and Mary has emphasized his Christian faith, family life and social concerns. He remains active in the music industry, performing as a solo act, and also performing occasionally with Peter Yarrow.

A1 (Peace) In The Valley
A2 Country Song
A3 Garden Song
A4 By Surprise
A5 Noel Talk
A6 Wait'll You Hear This
A7 April Fool
B1 Turn It Over
B2 Not As We Are
B3 Building Block
B4 Know Jesus
B5 Rejoice (Bless The Lord)
B6 Rainbow Man
B7 Be Ye Glad

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