Old School Metal (Canvas Wall Art)


The canvas has been the most reliable medium for visual for the lastí«ÌÎ_hundred years, and for good reason: its durable, affordable, and it holds the color and texture of art better than anything else on the planet.

This Old School Metal canvas art print celebrates a time in music history when Marshall Amps, long hair, and Flying V guitars ruled the world. Proudly display this rockin' piece of artwork in your man-cave, basement, bedroom, garage or wherever you rock.

Size Available

  • 24 x 36" (Show hanging on wall)

Depth & Wrap

  • The print is 1.5" in depth with a wooden frame that the canvas wraps around giving that finished look.í«ÌÎ_ No expensive framed needed.
  • It comes with already installed metal hanging tabs. 1 on the small size and 2 on the larger sizes.

This is an actual photograph of the piece

About Our Canvas

All of our canvas areí acid free, archival quality giclee print process standard. We print to the industry-recognized standard of high-resolution, using a printing process that first became popular when digital artists began to sell large-format versions of fine art pieces that could suffer absolutely no loss of quality.

Our Canvas won't tear or rip. Canvas is extremely durable compared to paper print.

The colors and texturing on canvas art stand out and make for a bolder visual piece.

Canvas lets you focus on the power of the image you‰ۡóÁÌ_åÈve chosen, not the inauthentic gloss sheen of paper.

The three-dimensional structure of the canvas itself naturally draws the eye.

Never damage your walls with heavy framing that adds nothing to the art.

Our canvas is built from US-sourced post-recycling material known as MDF.

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