Once Nothing - First Came the Law (CD)

  • New/Sealed CD
  • 2008 Solid State Records

While i will admit that this isn't the most original album ever brought upon the face of the earth, this one does have some standout form the other bands of this genre (note: i am referring to, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster and He is Legend. oh the Showdown too, because these are the only similar bands i know)I got this album when it came out January of 2008 and listened to it once and blew it off like nothing (hehe stupid pun i know.) but then in fall of 2009, i was digging through my CD collection for something to listen too and i pulled this baby out. i threw it in and decided to play The Elder Scrolls 4 while i listened (amazing game by the way.) in between killing Ogres and Goblins i let the music sink in and realized; this is alot better than most other Southern Metal bands; now don't get me wrong, i love Maylene but this was...different. the way the heavier, less southern rock-ish parts where, reminded me of August Burns Red for some reason. and that's when it hit me. they were playing a true form of Southern Metal, not just heavy southern Rock. i'm not sure if you understand what i'm talking about, but if you do that's awesome, because that means i'm not crazy!.

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