Onething Live: You Satisfy My Soul - (Vinyl)


Praise & Worship
2013 Forerunner Music
For fans of:Misty Edwards, Prophetic Worship, Laura Park

Album Description: For 25,000 young adults across the globe, downtown Kansas City has become an annual destination for encountering Jesus. Each December, the International House of Prayer of Kansas City hosts Onething, an intimate and energetic time of worship, prayer, teaching, and ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit. Featuring nine worship leaders, You Satisfy My Soul (Live) captures this atmosphere of devotion to Jesus and highlights some of the most memorable moments of worship from Onething 2012.

Track Listing:

  1. 1. Like a Lion Ryan Kondo
  2. 2. We Love Your Name (feat. The Cry) Jaye Thomas
  3. 3. My Comfort (feat. The Cry) Davy Flowers
  4. You Satisfy My Soul Laura Hackett Park
  5. Always Forever (feat. David Brymer) Misty Edwards
  6. Awaken Love Matt Gilman
  7. Man from Nazareth Luke Wood
  8. Isaiah 42 Anna Blanc
  9. Keep Me Close (Onething 2012 version) Tim Reimherr
  10. You Are the Lord (feat. Jessica Barron Kohout) Tim Reimherr

Artist Bio: The Onething conference is a gathering of young adults who have purposed in their hearts to live with abandonment and devotion to Jesus. With average attendance of 25,000 young adults in Kansas City each December, the purpose conference is to encounter Jesus through extended times of worship, teaching of the Word, and ministry in the power of the Spirit, and the primary aim is to encounter Jesus so that they might go forth to do His works and change the world. Onething Live albums are recorded at the conference and are highlights from new and returning Onething artists as they lead thousands into worship before the throne of God.

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