PANTOKRATOR: A Decade Of Thoughts 1996-2006 (CD)

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  • 2017 Momentum Scandinavia
  • Jewel Case
  • New Sealed CD
  • Swedish Death Metal

With 7 previously unreleased songs, this is not an ordinary collection, but then PANTOKRATOR is not an ordinary metal band either ... This release sums up the first 10 years of the band's career put together with personal drawings, memorabilia and photos for celebrate the anniversary and to be a take-off to the band's next step.

Hail to the celebration of 10 years of bombastic, guttural, death metal from the king of Swedes, Pantokrator! Released in 2007 on Momentum Scandinavia, Pantokrator's ten-year compilation album entitled “A Decade of Thoughts” will pound you around for over an hour in remembrance of the band's metal journey to this very point in time. “A Decade of Thoughts”, showcases seven previously unreleased songs and a gigantic spread of songs from their other releases: Unclean Plants/Ancient Path Demo 97, Even Unto the Ends of the Earth Demo 98, Allharskare Demo 00, Songs of Solomon EP 01, Songs of Solomon Split 01, Blod 03. If the brain-rattlin’ percussions at the ferocious hands of drummer Rickard Gustafsson don’t get you, the blazing twin gun guitars of Mattias Johansson and Jonathan Jansson will! Intermixed with the metal-bending might of the drums and guitars is the rumblin’ thumpin’ of Jonas Wallinder’s bass grooves that will crack the pavement under your feet as you search for solid ground! And never to be mistaken or looked the other way, is the virtuosos multi-complexity-driven deathened vocals of the front man, Karl Walfridsson! Not only can the vocals alter on a dime to change direction in pitch, but can lay you flat out with a single groan of death that will have you praying “Oh my dear lovin’ God!” These Swedish metalers know how to do one thing very well… bring the metal! “Decade of Thoughts” is a superb sampling of Pantokrator’s music that has been known for its extreme intensity and unwavering Holy stance lyrically. Aside from the usual death metal instrumentation, the guys utilize some flutes, violins, acoustical guitars, and whistling to add more depth to their technical expertise. Inside the insert are drawings, photography, and personal memoirs from the guys giving a unique commentary on what the past decade has contained for them. And as good of a job as it does in capturing their musical pilgrimage up to this day, “A Decade of Thoughts” truly points to the bands future work which sky-rocketed with the release of their next full length in 2007 on Whirlwind Records named “Aurum”! Lest we not forget about their previous release “Blod” To name a few of the highlights on this album, let’s start out with… well… yeah… the entire album, that is about it! You just will not be able to get enough of this release and when you first hear the killer opening song entitled “Punish the Evil” your soul will be riveted and the aggression of these 5 Swedes will do nothing less than utterly resonate throughout your whiplashed being!

“Brake out the teeth of their mouth O’ God! Let them flow away as waters. When he bends his bow, may his arrows be cut in pieces.”

Lyrics from “Punish the Evil”

- Nokternal Hemizphear

1. Punish The Evil
2. Unclean Plants
3. Come Let Us Flee
4. Bundsförvant
5. Leviathan
6. Lamentation
7. Nebuchadnezzar
8. Gudablodets Kraft
9. Separated By Night
10. Via Dolorosa
11. Tidevarv
12. Cut Into Pieces
13. White Robes
14. Psalm 29


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