Phil Keaggy and Sunday's Child 12" Single (New, Sealed, Vinyl)

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  • 12" Single
  • New/Sealed Vinyl

A Phil Keaggy Collectors Dream You Just Don't See Sealed Copies Like This Around.


Two things one has to know about me. I love Phil Keaggy and I love Mark Heard. Get an album with both these musical behemoths and you're bound to end up with something truly special. Oh and there's Russ Taff and Jimmie Lee Sloas as to add to the mix too. Talk about a gathering. Of Phil's more rock edged albums this is one of the giants. No programming in sight. Just one hundred percent talent from start to finish. Lyrically its really strong too. Mark wrote two of the tracks here too and boy does Phil do them the justice they deserve. Lynn Nichols must be thanked for his approach to production. This is classy rock with meaty content for those who like the deeper thinker kind of songs. This is a great ride. I Always Do is one of my all time favorite songs in the whole of time and space and music too. 


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