Phil Keaggy - Way Back Home (NETHERLANDS IMPORT CD, Different Cover, MINT!)

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  • 1994 SPARROW SPD1459
  • Barcode 724385145926

The original cover was a boy pulling a wagon. As Phil explains below, when he went back to Sparrow they re-released the album with him and his mother on the front.  This is the Netherlands version with phil playing an acoustic guitar. 15 Songs.

Words From Phil

"After all these years, the Way Back Home album project is still one of the sweetest and most memorable albums I’ve recorded", says Phil.  I originally recorded around 1985 for the Pan Pacific label—a private indie label started by my then manager and co-producer Bob Cotton.

When I returned to the Sparrow label in 1994, I asked my record company if they’d be interested in re-releasing this collection of songs. They happily did and I made some choices about the tracks.

I removed “The Reunion” on the re issue as it also appeared on “The Wind and The Wheat” album, and since CDs afforded more music time than vinyl, I took the opportunity to add more tracks such as: “She’s a Dancer”, “It Could’ve Been Me”, “Father/Daughter Harmony” and “The 50th”.
The album then became a joining of both devotional material and family songs. Some folks have noticed the exclusion of some string and woodwind parts and other various changes such as my penny whistle part replacing the soprano sax on “A New Star.” I did that change because my original demo had those exact parts that we later flew in on the multi tracks. I also resang every song that was on the original album from 1985 with the exception of “Olivia” and “Way Back Home”.

After almost a decade the songs became more important to me and I felt, since I had the opportunity to re sing those songs, I would do so.

Phil Keaggy
Nov. 4, 2019

This album is dedicated to my Brother Bill.

Cover photo of Phil and his mother, Marguerite, taken by James Keaggy in 1951

Special thanks to Bernadette and our children Alicia, Oliva, and Ian; and to James Olson Guitars of St. Paul, MN and Del Langejans Guitars of Holland, MI. Thanks also to Norman Miller and Proper Management; to Bill Hearn and Peter York for believing in what this album stands for and for helping it to come about; to Holly Benyousky and Street Level Artists Agency; to Russ Long and Steve Bisher.

Thanks to all of you who have kept on asking for and awaiting the release of this album. 
released November 5, 2019

Recorded at Weddington Studio, North Hollywood, CA; Whitefield Studio, Santa Ana, CA; Salt Mine Studio, Nashville, TN; The Dugout, Nashville, TN
Original tracks engineered by: Bob Cotton, Peter Hayden. Thom Roy and Eddie Keaggy
Remixed and engineered by: The incredible Russ Long
Second Engineer: Martin Woodlee
Mastered by Ken Love at Mastermix
Art Direction: Karen Philpott
Design: Sara Remke
Photography: Ben Pearson

Phil Keaggy: Guitars, vocals, electric bass, recorders
Alex Acuna: Drums on “A New Star,” “In Every Need,” “Noah’s Song”
Ken Lewis: Drums, percussion on “Father-Daughter Harmony” and “It Could’ve Been Me”
Brad Dutz: Percussion on “A New Star” and “Noah’s Song”
David Stone: String Bass on “In Every Need” and “Noah’s Song”
Danny O’Lannerghty” String Bass on “It Could’ve Been Me”
Jim Isaacs: Oboe, English Horn on “Let Everything Else Go” and “Maker of the Universe”
Jon Clarke: Clarinet, Soprano Sax, Oboe on “Way Back Home,” “Noah’s Song,” and “Once I Prayed”
Ian McKinnell: Cello on “Olivia”
Blair Masters: Keyboards on “Father-Daughter Harmony”
Allan Bradley: Piano on “It Could’ve Been Me”
String Section: Pavel Farkus, Gail Cruz, R.F. Peterson, Ken Burwood-Hoy, John Walls
Strings and Woodwinds arranged by: Tom Howard
Alicia Keaggy: Vocals on “Father-Daughter Harmony”
Olivia Keaggy: Additional harmony on “Father-Daughter Harmony”

Words and music by Phil Keaggy, unless otherwise noted
“Father Daughter Harmony” – Words and music by Alicia Keaggy and Phil Keaggy
“It Could’ve Been Me” – Words by Sheila Walsh / Music by Phil Keaggy
“In Every Need” – Words by Samuel Longfellow** & Anonymous** / Words by Phil Keaggy
“Once I Prayed” – Words by Helen McDowell** / Music by Phil Keaggy
“Maker of the Universe” – Words by F.W. Pitt** / Music by Phil Keaggy
“Be In Time” – Words by Anonymous** and Phil Keaggy / Music by Phil Keaggy

Music adaptations and arrangements by Phil Keaggy
Copyright © 1994 Marguerite Music (ASCAP)

**The poetry to these songs is printed through the courtesy of Loizeaux Brothers, publishers of “The Continual Burnt Offering.” © 1941 H.A. Ironside

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