Red - Declaration (VINYL)

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  • New Vinyl Record
  • Red (color) Vinyl
  • Gatefold
  • 2020 Red Entertainment

Grammy-nominated RED's seventh studio album, DECLARATION. Working with long-time producer Rob Graves, the LP sees the band return to their purest origins, blending Nu-metal and Alternative hard rock with elements of classical and orchestral as akin to debut and sophomore albums, END OF SILENCE and INNOCENCE & INSTINCT, as any album of recent years. If possible, Michael Barnes vocal reaches to new heights of power and clarity and Anthony Armstrong's riffs are as sharp and heavy as ever. Presaged by focus tracks The Evening Hate and From The Ashes, the album includes lead singles The War We Made and Sever which promise to return the band to chart prominence.


1. All for You
2. Infidel
3. Cauterize
4. The War We Made
5. The Evening Hate


6. Float
7. The Victim
8. Sever
9. Only Fight
10. From the Ashes

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