Revolution Saints - Light In the Dark (CD)

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  • 2017 Frontline 
  • Melodic Metal Supergroup
  • Uplifting and strong spiritual content
  • Jack Blades of Night Ranger and Damn Yankees
  • Deen Castronovo of Journey, Dead Daises, Ozzy
  • Doug Aldrich of Whitesnake, Dio, Hurricane, Lion

There is more talent in these three guys than half
the current music scene, said one Youtube user... and He's right.


2017 release Light in the Dark by Revolution Saints is one of the best bands and releases to drop in the last decade.  Not kidding, this is one great album. If you love melodic guitars hooks and just great song-writting and want your spirits uplifted, THIS IS IT.  Promise you, this is sooo good. It features 3 of the greatest musicians of our time, Jack Blades of Night Ranger, Deen Castronovo or Journey and Ozzy and Doug Aldrich of Whitesnake and DIO and it's also uplifting spiritually. Yes, it could easily be considered a Christian album. Just listen.


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