Rick Altizer-(All Tie Zur) (CD)

  • New Original Factory Sealed
  • 2001 Not Lame Recordings
  • NL-067

Rick Altizer's (All Tie Zur) is his first foray outside the realm of Christian rock. Altizer's label, Not Lame, is one of the prime movers in the modern power pop scene and Altizer certainly tries hard to produce a powerful pop record. He makes sure the guitars chime and the vocals harmonize sweetly, he writes mostly catchy tunes with singalong choruses, and he adds lots of little touches like strings and bongos to keep things sonically interesting. So far, so good. Unfortunately the record comes up short for two reasons: the songwriting is not very memorable (except for "John Lennon's Glasses," which strings together Beatles song titles and lyrics rather clumsily) and the album is just too professional-sounding to pack any kind of emotional punch. (All Tie Zur) is an OK record but a bit too much on the generic side to truly be a success; there is really nothing to set it apart from the multitudes of guitar pop records released every week.

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