Run Kid Run - Love At The Core (CD)

  • New Factory Sealed
  • Hype Sticker
  • 2008 Tooth & Nail Records
  •  TND11418 ‎


Punk-pop acts aren't exactly known for their longevity, so give credit to Run Kid Run for making a very polished attempt at keeping the genre interesting while staying true to their sound. Their sophomore effort boasts some of the best-crafted songs to come along in recent memory. "Captives Come Home" encapsulates the urgency and earnestness that have given power pop a surprisingly long reign on the airwaves. "My Sweet Escape" is a Green Day-esque adventure of personal ambition. Where Love at the Core comes through less successfully is in creating an identity. With their talented and energetic output, it's a shame that the album is scarcely distinct from the crowd.

1 Rescue Me
2 Captives Come Home
3 Fall Into The Light
4 One In A Million
5 Love At The Core
6 Sure Shot
7 My Sweet Escape
8 The Emergency
9 Set The Dial
10 Freedom

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