Rush - Moving Pictures (Vinyl)

Sold out
  • New/Sealed
  • 180 g Audiophile Vinyl
  • Digital Download Card
  • 320kbps Vinyl Ripped AAC MP4s
  • Remastered from Original Analog Masters

Rush's biggest selling album; features "Limelight," "Tom Sawyer" and "Vital Signs" - The 2015 Rush 40 celebration includes 12 Months of Rush on vinyl and a major U.S. Summer tour - Remastered from original analogue masters on 180-gram LP; includes digital download card - Advertising individual titles and complete catalog - online and select print - Band promoting all titles to fans

1 Tom Sawyer
2 Red Barchetta
3 Yyz
4 Limelight

1 The Camera Eye
2 Witch Hunt
3 Vital Signs

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