Sacrificium - The Avowal Of The Centurion (CD)

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Nordic Mission are happy to present a brand new release from the German death metal band SACRIFICIUM! 

With roots back to the early 90's, this is definelitely no newbie to the scene. The band have played gigs all around Europe, and  released a 2 EPs and 3 fullength albums with the most recent being "Prey for your Gods" released on Whirlwind Records in 2013.

Oldschool and brutal death metal with an updated sound... Is that even possible? 



1. Heritage Of The Void

2. Trivial Coincidence

3. The Avowal Of The Centurion

4. Elysion

5. Eternal Shores Of Tranquility

6. White Throne (Vengeance Rising cover)

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