Sara Groves - Floodplain (CD)

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  • 2015 Sponge Records

Sara Groves weaves together a tapestry of themes which include spiritual insecurity, spiritual depression, despair, joy and hope---all around the firm foundation of faith in God. I find her subject matter to have depth and relevance as a Christ follower striving to know Him more. Her melodies help reinforce the verbiage rather than deflect from it and I personally find that phrases from the songs come back to me over the course of days as I encounter trying circumstances. Yes, this music is uplifting and encouraging, but it is also truthful in a way many artists are not able to capture and make accessible to listeners.

In the bridge of the title song one lyric says, "The river it rushes to madness, and the water it spreads like sadness. And there's no high ground." When I hear those words with that melody, I know that Sara knows what it means to grieve. These songs facilitate healing. That is Sara's gift via this compilation. And this gift is like love; it should be appreciated and shared.

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