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British thrash legends Seventh Angel return with their first full length album in over 15 years. Seventh Angel stormed onto the scene in the late 80's and blessed the UK thrash circuit with several demos before being signed and bringing the world thrash classic "The Torment" and the thrash / doom meld of "Lament for the Weary". After multiple international tours and great album sales worldwide, the band hung it up at the end of 1992, and each of the members went their separate ways. Frontman and guitarist Ian Arkley has played in a number of bands since, the most well known being current Bombworks band My Silent Wake. Joining him are Simon Bibby and Mark Broomhead (Firefly, Detritus) and Tank on drums (Sukmunki). Rather than writing a rehash of older material like many bands who reunite tend to do, Seventh Angel has boldly tread new ground, delivering an album that still hearkens back to the classic Seventh Angel sound while drawing influences from each of the members current projects to create a brilliant soundscape that mixes thrash, doom, and a little death along with some killer haunting melodies. Ian's trademark snarls are at the forefront, but they are joined by clean vocals dominated by minor harmonics that give the music an even more sombre and dark sound. The guitar lines include crushing riffs, killer melodies, and well-placed solos, and the drums range from slow and gloomy to bombastic and in your face. The Dust of Years features 9 molten tracks clocking in at approximately an hour, and they are sure to whet any true metal fan's appetite. Current fans of Seventh Angel will be thrilled, and all fans of bands like Celtic Frost, Believer, Vengeance Rising, Candlemass, My Dying Bride, and thrash, doom, and death metal need to buy this album immediately. It may have taken over 15 years, but wait no longer to get this brilliant slab of metal! SELLING POINTS ? 8-panel foldout deluxe digipak packaging

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