Sixpence None the Richer (CD)

  • New factory sealed CD 
  • 1993 R.E.X. (Original Pressing)

Sixpence achieved acclaim with their 1997 self-titled album, which in reality is theird 3rd album. "Fatherless and the Widow" is their debut album and is definitely worth looking into.

"Field of Flowers" and "Spotlight", the opening 2 tracks, are in and of themselves alone worth getting the album for. "Field of Flowers" is a 2'25" ode to nature, with an upbeat hook to it and the instantly recognizable "Sixpence sound", "Spotlight" completes the one-two musical punch with a bass-driven, again upbeat tone. (I can just imagine Matt Slocum, the "brains" behind the Sixpence sound, sitting around thinking "How am I going to top that one?" Well, he didn't, at least not on this album.)

After these 2 stunning songs, the band slows down and becomes far more reflective. The title track is beautiful, haunting. "An Apology" is about regret. "Trust" is, musically, not all that great, but the song has such a great message. All in all, 10 songs, 40 min. of discovering the "roots" of Sixpence, and 2 stunning tunes to top it all of.

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