Sleeping Giant - I Am (CDl)

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    With the coming of I Am, one of the most influential metal bands in the scene has come to pass. What a big hole they leave in their absence. But let us get to the album that begins with the gang vocals yelling

    I Am shows off a wide range of guest vocalists, featuring Garrett Russell of Silent Planet, Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter, Mattie Montgomery of For Today, Brook Reeves of Impending Doom and Bruce LePage of 100 Demons.

    The album is a refined effort and is very organized in songwriting. It seems that when going into the writing of this album knowing that it would be their final piece, it helped aim the lyrics in the most honest direction possible; not that vocalist Tommy Green ever had an issue with writing honest lyrics.

    (Indie Vision Music)


    1. Preachcore Lives!
    2. Second Chance Kids (feat. Mattie Montgomery)
    3. No Love (feat. Garrett Russell)
    4. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts
    5. Lantern (feat. Bruce LePage)
    6. No Sleep Pt. 2
    7. Haunted
    8. Fly. Fight. Crow. (feat. Ryan Clark)
    9. Reformation (feat. Brook Reeves)
    10. Hosanna
    11. Smashed Upon The Rock

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