SPY GLASS BLÜE - SHADOWS (*NEW-VINYL 2023, Retroactive Records) Post-punk alternative rock masterpiece!

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The faithful remnant of “the Few” have implored for the reissue of all things Allan Aguirre. The gods have listened. The creative genius behind this musical catalogue is of a high magnitude. There is much to celebrate in this Vinyl (and CDs!), remastered to perfection!  

With 2 full albums by Spy Glass Blüe and 4 full albums by Scaterd Few these long-awaited first-time on vinyl releases are unquestionably an essential listening. All the music has been remastered by the competent Rob Colwell (Bombworks Sound), the impeccable box and album layout art by Scott Waters (No Life Til Metal), and is a collaborative between Retroactive Records and Allan Aguirre’s own Faceless Gen Recording Company. Only 200 Vinyl will be made, so make sure to get yours. Two words: Get Stoked!!  ....Doug Peterson / Music Critic

  • Black vinyl with a 12x12 insert
  • First time on vinyl!
  • Limited to just 200 units
  • Remastered for vinyl by Rob Colwell at Bombworks Sound
  • Originally released on 1996 on Sancrosanct Productions Group/Pinnacle Records and then reissued on Organic Records (1997)


This is a criminaly overlooked band. The post-punk/Goth project of Alan (scattered few) Aguirre. While Scattered Few always had a Bowie/Peter Murphy influence, on this album Alan brings his Goth influences to the forefront. A perfect description of this album is David Bowie meets Bauhaus. A perfect combination of influences. So if you wear black, lots of eyeliner and flour makeup, chances are you'll love this cd. So get it before it's gone because it is OOP!  Music Critic MM 

Great disc. Very unique sound. As others have noted there’s a Bowie-esque industrial tinged goth rock here but one that is not afraid to flow with liquid bass lines and occasional synth pop flurries. It all lands in an off-kilter left-of-center field with Allan Aguirre’s (ex- Scatered Few) meandering, warbly voice leading the way. When he croons his uneven up and down one word chorus on “Lodging” it embodies everything I love about this release. This is a rock star with theatrical vocals...
                      Thoweron Music Critic


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One of the best Christian records in my collection. There are no words as to how good this album is, just buy it.

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