Stellar Kart - All Gas. No Brake.


Aptly titled "all gas. no brake," Stellar Kart's energetic debut release is a rollicking ride around the musical track. Stylistically drawing comparisons to Green Day, Blink 182, and early Audio Adrenaline (a self-confessed influence), these four lads from Phoenix know how to rev-up the motor with an infectious brand of punk-pop. It's clear that fuel that drives their engines is one of divine origin as evidenced from the opening chunky power chords of "Student Driver" to the acoustic-flavored sweet harmony of the closing "Finish Last." Jordan Messer (drums) and Tay Sitera (bass) lay down a skin-tight rhythm throughout, allowing the staccato guitar bursts of lead vocalist Adam Agee and Cody Pellerin to ride on top. Another testament to the band's ability is that "all brake."--their first--ever major label release--was self produced with a quality as high as Christian's music best. Other highlights include the simple-yet-beautiful worship song "A Love Song" and the delightful cover of Bon Jovi's 80's classic "Livin' On A Prayer." So buckle your seat belts, hop in the 'Kart, and enjoy the ride. You won't be sorry.


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