Steve Camp - The Definitive Collection (CD)

  • New Factory Sealed
  • 2002 Word
  • WD2-887161

A popular and prolific contemporary Christian music artist with a smooth, adult contemporary sound and a strict, scriptures-based focus, Steve Camp was born on April 13, 1955 in Wheaton, Illinois. Growing up in the church, Camp quickly found his talent for song, and he spent his formative years working and learning from Christian rock pioneer Larry David Norman. Since the release of his debut album, Sayin' It with Love, in 1978, Camp has moved millions of units and written or co-written 21 number one singles. In addition to his work in music, Camp has written at length about Reformed Theology via his popular website, which is connected to his own Audience One Ministries.

1 Jesus On Our Side
2 Gimme What It Takes
3 Run To The Battle
4 Song For Mom
5 Ambassador In Chains
6 Thank You
7 The Only Story (Written In My Life)
8 Jesus Drawing Me
9 Farther And Higher
10 It's A Dying World

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