SWEET COMFORT BAND - BREAKIN' THE ICE (Limited Edition) (CD, Remastered)

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  • Tracks: 9
  • Packaging: 4 panel digipak

Sweet Comfort Band took the music industry by storm when their brand of pop and rock didn't sound like a Christian version of any mainstream band! They were sometimes compared to Ides Of March, Little River Band, Chicago, Blood Sweat & Tears, the Doobie Brothers and Hall & Oats, but were much better than any of those groups! This was due in large part to Duncan's expressive and soulful voice, one of the finest in rock and roll. Originally released in 1978 on the pioneering Light Records label, Breakin The Ice was produced by Bob Wilson of the progressive jazz-funk band, Seawind. The album was rightly described by Bruce Brown (CCM Magazine) as one of the most legitimate R&B albums ever released. Such high praise for early Christian rock was unheard of and this was an artistic triumph that was fully embraced by the Christian community as the band toured internationally for the next decade! This Limited Edition reissue comes packaged in a full color digipak with enhanced original artwork and is properly remastered for a high quality audio experience! Over 30 years later, these songs remain examples of Christian music at its best! Play it loud! Features the legendary talents of Bob Wilson (Seawind) and the Seawind Horns. Features CCM giants, Bryan Duncan (solo) and Randy Thomas (Allies). Includes the hits Got To Believe, Melody - Harmony, I love Your With My Life!


1. Got To Believe

2. Breakin' The Ice

3. Young Girl

4. Melody, Harmony

5. I Need Your Love Again

6. Good Feelin'

7. Searchin' For Love

8. The Lord Is Calling

9. I Love You With My Life

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Deserves Ten Star Rating!

I put this CD on the player and immediately felt my spirit soar. Real musicians playing real instruments with no auto tune. There is just something different about music from this time period: the sincerity, the high caliber of musicianship, and actual key changes! And every song isn't in 4/4 time!
To me this sounds like a the band's first record because the songs are in a variety of styles and there is an element of jazz, latin, rock, and R&B. This is a band that can write real music and hasn't been dumbed down to be commercial. What a joy. I had forgotten what it was like to put an album on and listen to the whole thing and enjoy every minute of the journey.
And the lyrics are actually worth listening to.
Get this album or CD. Just buy it and go back in time when music was more organic and less processed. The spirit and personalities of the band come through as well as their sincere faith. What a blessing.

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