Tenth Avenue North - The Things We’ve Been Afraid to Say - EP

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Tenth Avenue North is a Christian rock band from West Palm Beach, FL. The members include Mike Donehey (vocals, acoustic guitar) Jeff Owen (electric guitar, backing vocals) Ruben Juarez III (bass guitar, backing vocals), Jason Jamison (drums), and Brendon Shirley (keyboard). The band has released 4 studio albums and 1 live album. Hit songs from Tenth Avenue North include You Are MoreBy Your SideHealing BeginsLove is HereStrong Enough to SaveWornLosingNo Man is an Island, and What You Want.

The EP’s artwork contains an image of Iwazaru, one of the Japanese “three wise monkeys”. The three wise monkeys are an ancient symbol of the Japanese proverb “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”; Mizaru (🙈), covering his eyes, Kikazaru (🙉), covering his ears, and Iwazaru (🙊), covering his mouth.

The Biblical Psalms of Lament and Book of Lamentations are often uncomfortable and overlooked passages of scripture. Songs of lamenting are almost seen as “evil” in some believers' eyes. However, on The Things We’ve Been Afraid to Say EP, Tenth Avenue North decides to break through the norm of the CCM industry and sings things song that not many artists are comfortable singing.


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