The Alarm - Eponymous 1981-1983 (Gatefold LP) (*New-Vinyl)

  • LABEL: Twenty First Century
  • UPC: 881034124951
  • GENRE: Rock
  • RELEASE DATE: 4/21/2018


The Alarm - Where The Two Rivers Meet is the first public release of brand new Alarm material since 2013 and serves as an 8 track prelude to the new album scheduled for May 4th 2018. 5 tracks are exclusive to this EP. The title song and opening cut - Two Rivers is already a well established part of The Alarm live set and has been closing out almost every concert since the beginning of 2017. 'Transatlantic' aptly pre-empts Mike Peters RSD 2018 promo schedule which will see The Alarm lead singer performing at stores in Cardiff, London, New York and Los Angeles throughout the course of the day. An epic undertaking which is sure to excite and engage the Alarm audience. There is also a special guest appearance from The Cult guitarist - Billy Duffy, whose trademark sound can be heard all across the song 'Blood Red Viral Black' delivering a sound that is a pure mix of The Cult vs. The Alarm. The release reflects Alarm tradition with the use of both Electric and Acoustic sides coming in at 40 minutes of brand new music. The Acoustic sidestarts with the lyrically-driven 'Thirteen Dead Reindeers', 'Armageddon In The Morning' and 'Crowd Trouble', closing out with the 8 minute resolve of 'Year On

1 Two Rivers
2 Transatlantic
3 Blood Red Viral Black
4 The White Count
5 Acoustic Side

1 Thirteen Dead Reindeers
2 Armageddon in the Morning
3 Crowd Trouble
4 Year One


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