The Lead - Hardcore for Jesus (2-CD)

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THE LEAD - HARDCORE FOR JESUS (*NEW-2 CD Set, Retroactive Records) 

In probing the iron clad hardcore speed metal of THE LEAD's historic, career spanning releases and the manner in which the group effortlessly blends old school speed metal and punk, the term "metalcore" is never one that comes to mind. The style played by THE LEAD is best captured by a genre description rarely used these days" "crossover" (think D.R.I., The Crucified, Suicidal Tendencies). HARDCORE FOR JESUS is a sonic assault from beginning to end with 48 songs / 2 CDs containing: ’86 self-titled 4 song 7” EP, ’86 Return Fire 19 song (cassette), ’86 Automoloch 6 song (vinyl) 12” EP, ’87 The Past Behind 6 song 12” vinyl EP (1st recorded version, not the R.E.X. recording), and ’89 Burn This Record (R.E.X.) all of which provides a lesson in stamina that invites the listener to question if the band will outlast the listener or vice versa. When THE LEAD hit the scene and released their debut self-titled, four song 7’ record on their own, it seemed to many a nearly impenetrable cacophony of sound (which is great for fans of punk-n-thrash!). And, with each release, the band seemed to get heavier and faster. Over two decades later, it’s easy to see that The Lead’s music was incredibly ahead of its time. Touring nationally, and opening for such legendary bands as D.R.I. and Suicidal Tendencies only cemented the bands place in the early hardcore/metal scene. THE LEAD was always about old school spirit, and this is a metal band that happens to love thrashing it up! This is about tough rhythms, and no frills speed riffing, that recalls the teeth-splittin' fare of Slayer covering Black Flag! Just remember, the beatdowns and thrashing you hear on HARDCORE FOR JESUS have nothing to do with metalcore and everything to do with the real possibility of well, being beaten down and thrashed at a LEAD show...and the guy doing it won't be wearing eyeliner and a My Chemical Romance t-shirt.

1-1 It's Thru You
1-2 Better Off
1-3 Get Out Of My Face
1-4 Question What Authority?
1-5 You Don't Know
1-6 Kill Satan
1-7 It's Thru You
1-8 The Law Of Love/Throwaway
1-9 Second Chance
1-10 Lead You To Repent
1-11 Question What Authority/One Step Ahead
1-12 Death Of A Gunfighter
1-13 Better Off
1-14 Lead Us To Salvation
1-15 Take Him Home
1-16 Get Out Of My Face
1-17 Hide His Name
1-18 It's A Crazed World
1-19 No Religion
1-20 Emergency
1-21 Revolution In The Heart
1-22 No One's An Atheist
1-23 X B
1-24 Sick Of This
1-25 You Don't Need Him
1-26 Calling Out To YOu
1-29 Alienated
2-1 Abomination National Pride
2-2 He Won't Take A Joke
2-3 No Religion
2-4 Old Warrior
2-5 Tunnel Vision
2-6 Puritan
2-7 Jesus Became Sin
2-8 Change The World
2-9 Boring World
2-10 Suicide Is A Lie
2-11 Internal Pain
2-12 Hope You Stay Alive
2-13 Oh No, Not Again
2-14 To The Ends Of The Earth
2-15 Losers
2-16 Who's The Victim
2-17 I Can't Find It In My Heart
2-18 Skate Or Die
2-19 Kill Satan Mosh
2-20 The Empty Sepulchre
2-21 Defiance

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