The Prayer Chain - Antartica (CD)

  • New Factory Sealed CD
  • 1996 Brainstorm

This is up there with Rattle & Hum as one of the all-time GREAT live (although only the second half of the album is a live concert) albums. The first half of the album contains songs that were cut from the Oh, so magnificent Mercury album, including such gems as "Chalk" and "Friend or Foe", I just wish that they had left "Antarctica" off of the CD, but it's easy enough to just click through that tone-deaf nuisance of a song. They obviously weren't taking their music seriously when they recorded that one. The live section contains some of the best performances ever. Unfortunately, it was also their last live performance as an "officially touring" band. They have reconvened for a few special shows over the last couple of years, but nothing on the level of "Lead Donkey's, Dead Donkey's, Dead Donkey's in a White-Wine Sauce, and the inevitable split-up." Close enough to U2 that U2 fans will like it, but far enough distanced from them to be a totally different sound.

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