Three Cord Wonder - The Jesus Rock Show (CD)

  • New Factory Sealed
  • 2006 Speak Records

'The Jesus Rock Show' is a fun collection of songs by Three Cord Wonder. I believe it is their debut album and it is a good one.

This is a quality CD that will appeal to a wide range of listeners. Most of the songs have a rather uncompromising Christian message without being preachy.

It starts off with 'Who I Am Today' which talks about the changes that God made in the singer's life and the hope that inspires. The next one is 'One of These Days' which is a very fun song about dealing with the myriad of problems in life. It goes on to 'Get Up' which is a very catchy tune based on a Biblical parable.

Another thought provoking song is the title track that deals with Christian bands that are more concerned about dollars than message. There are three other very good songs on this album: You Always Do, The Way You Thought, and You Sang.

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