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Formed in 1977, the band was originally spotted by Albatross Productions, the original team that first signed and recorded Heart. It wasn't long before newly formed MCA subsidiary Infinity Records placed them in the studio with original Heart producer Mike Flicker, to record their debut album Let It Roll. Originally issued in early 1979, the album was the subject of a major promotional push with the band's progress only to be thwarted by the label's subsequent financial collapse as a result of advancing $6 million dollars for a part spoken word album of Pope John Paul II. Musically Let It Roll was geared towards the '70s rock sound we all know and love, evoking comparisons to the Who, Bowie and Queen, but it was clear that, beneath the smooth productions chops, a hard rock band was itching to impress.

1 Let It Roll
2 Ain't No Way to Be
3 Only Love
4 Gutter Boy
5 Kill the Pain
6 Come a Day
7 Rock 'N' Roll Again
8 Bad Sister
9 What in the World

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