TY TABOR - MOONFLOWER LANE (*NEW-BLACK & RANDOM COLOR VINYL, 2021, Brutal Planet Records) King's X Guitarist!

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  • Remastered CD + Ltd Foil-Stamped Collector Card also available
  • Debut solo project by Ty Tabor (King's X guitarist)
  • Produced by Ty Tabor
  • Featuring Ben Huggins (vocals), Alan Doss (drums), Wally Farkas, and Monty Colvin of the Galactic Cowboys
  • Featuring Frank Hart of Atomic Opera
  • Expertly remastered by Bombworks Sound / Rob Colwell
  • Featuring the extra Japan-only bonus track, "Had to Move
  • Vinyl comes with 12x12 insert featuring lyrics and rare band photos
  • Vinyl comes in two varieties - Black & Random Color (buy both!)
  • Limited to just 400 units world-wide (200 Black / 200 Random Color)
  • Ship in buffer-zone protector record box

Moonflower Lane is guitarist Ty Tabor's second solo album outside his full-time band, King's X. By making quite a name for himself in hard rock/heavy metal circles over the years, many would expect a full-on metal-guitar-shredding release, but Tabor has always emphasized the importance of melody and songwriting over carefree guitar wanking. Since Tabor handles all the album's singing himself, Moonflower Lane has more of a strong Beatles flavor than your average King's X release (Tabor's voice is similar to John Lennon's at times). Highlights include the hopeful opener "I Do," and the melodic hard rock of "The Island Sea," as well as "I Know Everything" (on which Ty's son plays French horn!), "The Truth," and "Her Palace." Moonflower Lane is full of first-rate Tabor compositions that longtime fans have loved and cherished since it’s release in 1998! First time ever on vinyl – and limited to just 400 units – get it while you can in either black or random color! This 1998 masterpiece has been digitally remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound, and includes the Japan-only bonus track, "Had to Move," and comes with a 12x12 insert featuring rare band photos and lyrics.  Limited to just 200 Black and 200 Random Color - get this treasure while you can!

- Ty Tabor / vocals, guitars, bass, organ, percussion
- Alan Doss / drums, organ, percussion
- Ben Huggins / background vocals
- Monty Colvin / background vocals
- Josh Tabor / French horn
- Frank Hart / cello
- Wally Farkas / snake charmer


Comparable to Brian May and Ace Frehley, Ty Tabor has an identifiable guitar style all his own.

                        AllMusic.com / Greg Prato

The brilliant guitarist guitarist behind King's X proves he is no one trick pony. Moonflower Lane gives Ty a chance to spread his musical wings. 

               Scott Waters / NoLifeTilMetal Reviews

Fans of King's X will rejoice.  Moonflower Lane is decidedly King's X-ish in execution and overall tone.  For those familiar with the songs Ty has sung in the past, like "Mississippi Moon" and "It's Love," you are in for more of the same here.  The new songs neither over-extend his songcraft into bizarre areas, nor step back, but are rather solidly in keeping with what Ty does best.  That being his mix of Beatlesque vocals with harmonizing hard rock sensibilities in a powerful combination of beautiful song arrangements and great guitar riffs.  The songs soar, the guitars rock, and deft drumming from Alan Doss of Galactic Cowboys (his partner for this album) keeps the beat with indisputable skill.  The sitar makes a slight return on "I Know Everything," and Frank Hart of Atomic Opera even lends some cello bits.  The other Galactic Cowboys also make appearances here and there, but neither Doug nor Jerry of  King's X show up.  This only makes for a departure in band credits, not in the King's X signature sound, which is assuredly intact for the most part.

Moonflower Lane is not quite as aggressive and funky as King's X; neither is it full of slouching, self-indulgent experiments that smite some solo releases.  Tabor's album is certainly full of requisite power rockers, introspective lyrics, delicate ballads, and outright anthems.  It's sensitive, timely stuff that will bring waves of resounding euphoria to your ear. 

One departure from recent King's X tradition, however, is that these songs are both joyful and refreshingly free of cynicism in mood as well as more overtly inspirational in overall character.  In most of these tracks, Ty celebrates his devotion to either God or his wife in songs that are clearly concerned with doing the right thing under heaven and in earthly relationships.  It's  not all love and roses, however; songs like "The Truth" continue Ty's deserved  criticism of misguided Christian preachers, and others like "Hollow Eyes" are  more elusive.  Some of the love songs seem a tad quaint if you read the lyrics, but are nevertheless heartfelt and honest in sonic elocution much like the passionate delivery on the rest of the  album.  In a moment of true celebration, Ty captures a wonderfully-spirited sentiment when he sings:

I look for the Voice that will move like the wind
I pray that I don't blow it off again
The rumble of man, and my eyes, help me try not to hear
and I'm hoping there's nothing to fear
Let the Truth set me free.
          Steven Stuart Baldwin from the Phantom Tollbooth

Moonflower Lane, Ty Tabor’s first solo album on a label, is a virtuoso release, saturated with infectious hooks. It is equal parts ingenious and complex. Enthusiasts of King’s X and melodic rock will want to grab this remastered edition.  
Doug Peterson (Music Critic)

Ty brings a wonderful range of emotion through words and music on Moonflower Lane.  I love this album as much as any King's X release.  
      Rob Colwell / The Metal Round Table

1 I Do 3:25
2 The Island Sea 3:56
3 Live In Your House 4:15
4 I Know Everything 5:25
5 The Truth 4:30
6 Without You 4:19
7 Hollow Eyes 5:49
8 Walk With My Love 3:05
9 Another Day 3:15
10 Her Palace
Organ, Percussion – Ty Tabor 5:31
11 Had To Move (Japan only bonus track)


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Still a great album after all these years!

I've owned this album on CD since it first came out...way back in the 1990s...and it's still a treat to listen to. Love Ty's playing and song structure. The vinyl version sounds good...(bottom end is a bit squishy but I think that's more an original mix issue), and the bonus track, "Had to Move" is a nice addition. Overall it's a great album with serious amounts of Ty's signature tone and Beatlesque harmonies. I love his early solo stuff especially...but really any Ty album is worth a spin.

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