ULF CHRISTIANSSON - ENTERTAINERS & SOLDIERS (2003, Fruit) Jerusalem lead singer

Sold out

ULF Christiansson is the frontman for Swedish rockers Jerusalem. Powerful, passionate and in your face. Entertainers and Soldiers does not leave anything to guess. This is one of the most potent and energetic album by ULF. If you loved Dance on the Head of the Serpent then this album is for you. Another great solo project by Jerusalem front man Ulf Christiansson.

The Band

Peter Damin - drums
Chris Brinkley drumloops, synth, cello, flute, and vocals
Fredrik piano and vocals
Ulf Christiansson  all guitars and vocals

Track Listing

  1. Not Easy
  2. Rip My Heart Out
  3. Die To Myself
  4. Entertainers & Soldiers
  5. Hope For Tomorrow
  6. Kings & Spears
  7. Touch You
  8. Godspeed To You
  9. Homeland
  10. Have To Go
  11. Happiest Man
  12. Glorify
  13. Stupid Man

UPC :7320470044728

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