War of Ages - Fire From the Tomb (CD)

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After relentless touring (over 500 shows in the last 2 years) alongside Terror, The Warriors, All Shall Perish, Full Blown Chaos, Becoming The Archetype and many more, War Of Ages took some time out of their touring schedule to go into Cathouse Studios (Nodes Of Ranvier, Bloodlined Calligraphy) to re-write and completely re-record their debut self titled album. As an added bonus, the band has recorded a brand new song titled "The Awakening" which many are calling the band's finest material to date. "Fire From The Tomb" is 12 tracks of pure fury that is backed up by one of the strongest live shows in the genre today.

Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Stand Your Ground
3. Brothers In Arms
4. The Awakening
5. False Prophet
6. Only The Strong Survive
7. My Solitude
8. Battle On
9. One Day
10. Scars Of Tomorrow
11. Broken Before You
12. Second Chanc

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