Wolves At The Gate - Captors (CD)

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Cedarville, Ohio-based quintet Wolves at the Gate blend post-hardcore and metalcore with a strong Christian message. Since emerging in 2012 with the commercially and critically acclaimed Captors, the band has secured legions of fans both secular and non-secular.
Formed in 2009, the original lineup was based around singer/guitarist Steve Cobucci and drummer Ryan Connelly. Their initial jam sessions led to several local gig offers, and the duo recruited bassist Ben Summers, guitarist Jeremy Steckel, and singer Colin Jones, whose throaty screams countered Cobucci's cleaner vocal style. Connelly was quickly replaced by Dave Nestor on drums, and it was this lineup that produced the group's debut EP, We Are the Ones, in 2011. Their heavy technical style and strong Christian themes landed them a deal with Tooth & Nail imprint Solid State Records, home to similar-minded bands like Oh, Sleeper and Fit for a King. With new singer Nick Detty replacing Colin Jones and Ben Millhouse on drums, they released their debut LP, Captors, in 2012, which debuted at number seven on the Billboard Christian Albums chart.

Wolves at the Gate spent much of the following year touring before settling in to record their sophomore album. As the personnel shifted once again, Dylan Baxter took over the drum throne, cementing the lineup that would release their second album, VxV, in June 2014. September 2016 saw the release of a new single, "Flickering Flame," in anticipation of their third studio long-player, Types and Shadows, which dropped later that November. Another flurry of singles heralded the arrival of 2019's hard-hitting and melancholic Eclipse.

1 The Harvest
2 Awaken
3 Morning Star
4 Dead Man
5 In Your Wake
6 Slaves
7 Step Out To The Water
8 Amnesty
9 Safeguards
10 Through The Night
11 Man Of Sorrows

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