Wolves At The Gate - Types & Shadows (CD)

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  • 2016 Solid State
Types & Shadows is different than Captors and VxV... But different in a good way. Captors was heavier on melody than intensity. VxV was heavier on intensity than melody; yet both were phenomenal. This album is a great balance of both.

The tracks on Types & Shadows follow a more complex style. It's like they upgraded their writing. They vary the style of each song, in each song. WATG will transition from fast to slow, from heavy to light in the same song without compromising the melody or intensity. And you KNOW the lyrics will be raw and unapologetic. Fantastic album guys.

Asleep 3:57
Flickering Flame 4:32
War In The Time Of Peace 4:15
Anathema 3:30
The Aftermath 4:23
Fountain 3:33
Weary Ground 3:16
Lowly 3:40
Broken Bones 3:52
Convalesce 3:38
Chasing The Wind 4:37
Hindsight 5:16
Grave Digger 6:00

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