ZAO - All Else Failed (CD)

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  • Release Date June 2018)
  • Remastered from the Original 1995 Recording
  • Debut Release from Metal Band ZAO
  • Available on CD, Vinyl and Cassette

Unearthed and remastered the original 1995 recording of All Else Failed!

All Else Failed is the debut album by metal band Zao originally recorded in 1995 and release in 1996 for Steadfast. The album was later re-recorded and released as the identically titled All Else Failed in 2003 on Solid State. This reissue draws from the original 90s recordings for the album and contains the 10 original songs rather than just the 8 that it shown onÌ_åÇÌÎÌ__the later releases.


In Loving Kindness
Growing in Grace
Ps. 77
In These Times of Silence (Not Shown on Spotify)
A Simple Reminder (Not Shown on Spotify)
All Else Failed

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